The Insider’s Guide to Ecommerce Platform Delivery

The way we look at ecommerce platforms and delivery is upside down. We obsess over features and functions, giving limited attention to the real factors that drive ecommerce success.

This new guide, based on more than 20 years’ platform delivery experience, addresses the imbalance and steers ecommerce practitioners on a more effective path. You'll understand just why only 1 in 4 businesses feel their ecommerce implementation surpasses expectation. And how to get it right.

Better ecommerce implementation begins with:

Starting with a vision that articulates the strategic direction of your ecommerce plan.

Developing an architecture that supports your vision.

Identifying data and developing interfaces before the ecommerce implementation.

Working with an ecommerce integration partner with experience of implementations of your planned scale, and in your market.

Selecting a platform that fits best with your vision and business processes.